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Marketing vs Marketing – I’m not the one saying it!

I found earlier today a great article (in French) in my Google Reader, that goes exactly in the same direction as my little rant on the misuse of the term ‘Marketing’.

This article has been written by Gautier Girard on his blog on Entrepreunership.

What so great about it, beside the topic with which I wholeheartedly agree, is that Gautier choosed to list all the things that Marketing is not … contrary to what most people generally think.

I won’t translate the whole article, but I stil wanted to list everything that Marketing is not:

  • … advertising
  • … mass-mailing
  • … telemarketing
  • … catalog design
  • … an ad in the yellow pages
  • … showing of
  • … trying to be the most smartest
  • … very complicated
  • … magic
  • …a website

Of course, all these terms are associated with Marketing, but they are not the whole of Marketing …

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