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Gilbert BARTHOLOME - 21/08/2008

During my …27 years of marketing I had the opportunity to go through various specialized marketing activities: from the famous 4 p’s to e-commerce through the FEDMA (Federation of European Direct Marketing Associations, strategy, operational marketing a well in the Healthcare industry, B2B and B2C. I never found a definition of marketing that could fully satisfy my global idea about a definition and since I gave training courses on Marketing, I needed to define what we were going to work on. So I thought about a definition during the last … 15 years (for your information, 20 years ago, the dicussion went about the question of Sales being part or not of Marketing. In my opinion the answer to this is « yes! ». Reason for that is that people in charge of market surveys, customers needs and competition analysis, market segmentation, SWOT analysis and finaly, based on a/m consideraton will define a strategy, define products specs, actions plans and argumentations, this person should put himself in the shoes of the Salesmen and the Prospects.

To summarize, my definition of marketing is: the Science and global activity that study potential needs of Suspect and Prospects in specific sectors of activities and specific market segments and, based on the outcome of that analysis, taking into account the Competition and the Environment, defines a Strategy, Products or Service Specifications, Tactics and Action Plans including Sales Arguments, Push and/or Pull actions in order to gain optimal market shares, Sales Turnover and Profitability.

I look forward to reading reactions on that definition. Cheers. Gilbert BARTHOLOME


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