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Too many companies are like bad marriages

Well, second post in a row from the Creating Passionate Users blog … I’m starting to feel like it’s going to become my favorite one … ;o)

In any case here’s a quite imaginative, but completely on the spot, comparison between customer relationship and marriage!

It’s been said that the secret to a good marriage is… don’t change. In other words, be the person you were when you were merely dating. Don’t stop paying attention. Don’t stop being kind. Don’t gain 50 pounds. Don’t stop flirting. Stay passionate, stay sexy, stay caring. Answer their calls. Unfortunately, too many companies are all candle-lit dinners, fine wine, and “let’s talk about you” until the deal is sealed. Once they have you (i.e. you became a paying customer), you realize you got a bait-and-switch relationship.

I love the visuals, but the text is music to my ears …

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