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Org Chart 2.0?

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gaetandhont - 07/03/2008

Tags would preferably be used more for a resource pool management and would definitely help for forming a project team. I doubt this could handle supervisor/supervisee aspect. Or did I miss the ball here ?
Tagging articles doesn’t imply necessarally skills, but interest to a subject (described by the tag).

barthox - 07/03/2008

unless you have something like [supervisor] [manager] […] in your tags.

The org chart specific tags could be set-up by HR to ensure some sort of uniformity.

The other tags, coming from the articles, would be an additional layer of information.

Gaetan Dhont - 09/03/2008

[supervisor],[manager] would be again attributes because they do not provide information as such to build the orgchart. To build an orgchart the key elements are the parentship between the employees. Minimal elements for each employee must be composed of a Unique ID + a reference to 1 other Unique ID (the reporting line). You might also consider one or multiple dotted line supervisor identified by Unique ID. Any other info are bonus and they could well be stored by tags is you want to.

barthox - 09/03/2008

not if you have a tag giving you the department / team / … in which you are right now!

With the ‘department’ tag and the role tag, you have all the linking you need …

The whole idea is to let go of unique IDs! You have to stop thinking by ways of databases! ;o)

The whole concept of ‘tags’ resides in the possibility to go beyond relational databases.


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