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Blogging for Business (or not)

Many companies are starting to think “Hey! Everybody’s blogging nowadays! We should be blogging too!”, and so they charge someone in the Marketing Department to start a corporate blog …

What happens then?

Well, a month later, there has been 3 posts (1 about the fact that the Company is now blogging, and two which are copies of the last two news updates), there are close to no comments, and no visits from outside the company itself!

What happened?

– the ‘me too’ syndrom

– no strategy

– no planning

So what should they do?

– just scrap everything they’ve done so far (they’re lucky no one has seen it yet!)

– read Peter Flaschner‘s ‘Business Guide to Blogging

– start all over again

It’s that simple! (or is it?)

Just my 2 cents: these tips are great for personnal blogging too! ;o)

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Well … I’ll start reading this guide then before doing it wrong for my personal blogging activities. Euh … still to start by the way…

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