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Vision or Utopia?

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Bertrand Duperrin - 14/03/2008

Considering people bringing their own stuff @ work, this post may interest you :

One more thing : I work in a wonderful company where you have the choice between Mac and PC and where I’m allowed to use my own laptop because I’m more efficient with one only computer for my whole life instead of switching from one to another when I’m at home depending on what I want to do…

I’m also convinced that people really take more care of their computers when they also use it for their own purposes.

barthox - 14/03/2008

Thanks for the link Bertrand. Now, I remember having read it when it was posted.

But having just read it again, has reminded me of something else : I’ve been using a personal Palm PDA for my jobs since about 8 years now … ;o)

Also, I’d like to clarify, that I don’t have any grudges against my current employer! I really enjoy working in such an enterpreneurial spirit, and the IT team is really open to suggestions!

Gaetan Dhont - 14/03/2008

Man, this is a post I like. I guess I would be considered from the devil’s side. I’m from the IT side.

You bring a couple of interesting thought on the table. I’m sure it would take us a couple of hours talking to cover these aspects.

I’m going to throw a couple of point and if time permitted I’ll create a post to continue to explore what you opened… I can tell you this is like a Pandora box.

A) IT want to be able to control their infrastructure and what kind of usage is being made out of it.
B) IT is responsible to maintain the availability of the information that the business need to access and so puts in place means to do so (policy, access rights, firewalls, anti-virus, etc etc)
C) In regulated environment, You need to demonstrate that the devices accessing Regulated data are under control. FDA, Sox and the likes, could request a company to demonstrate that these validated data have been created/accessed/modified in an environment that guarantees the reliability/accuracy/integrity of these data.
D) copyright of the data sitting on your computer would be subject to debate … I created a document on something innovative on my personal machine (that you use at work). Who has the ownership of the document? Yourself as a person, or The Company through its employee (you) ? Big impacts!

I could go to Z) rapidly as my mind is bubbling with many points

This is a big topic. I guess we will talk soon again about this.


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